Botswana Orphan Project

Botswana Orphan ProjectWe give all of our profits to the Botswana Orphan Project. There's a lot of other worthwhile charities, why the Botswana Orphan Project (BOP)? Here are three reasons why we support BOP: there's a need, they're doing phenomenal things, we're directly involved. Botswana has been hit hard by HIV/AIDS. To put things in perspective, the life expectancy in 1995 was 65. In 2005 it had dropped to 35, leaving behind a wake of vulnerable children that need care... approximately 60,000 orphans due to AIDS alone (UNAIDS report 2015). For a population of 2 Million, that is extremely disheartening. But the statistics alone carry little weight compared to the personal stories of the struggle that many friends, family and children have gone through.

BOPs Work:

The Botswana Orphan Project's dream is to care for orphans and vulnerable children by addressing educational, nutritional, and self-worth needs. Since 2004, they've worked with local partners to build orphan day care centers in key locations around the country, caring for hundreds of precious children. The centers have a dual purpose: to prevent further damage from HIV /AIDS by offering self-esteem and life skills education, and to alleviate the effects of HIV/AIDS by providing a safe environment where these children can receive the love, care, and nutrition needed to flourish.

Our Involvement:

Both of our co-founders have had a long history with BOP and we don't just give the profits from How We Soul to BOP... we get our hands dirty with them. Tasha and Ryan offer strategic guidance to BOP, and Ryan coordinates teams of volunteers that travel to Botswana to help out with the centers. We honestly know exactly where every $ is spent and can share that awesome life-giving story with you.
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