Eunice Reyes

Eunice Reyes
Foodie, Fashionista, Social Butterfly, Salsa Dancer, World Traveler; that's basically me in a nutshell. Always looking for the next adventure!

I was born in the US to 100% Salvadoran parents. So that means I have a huge family, and come from a pretty humble background. At a young age I fell in love with the aesthetic of fashion and made it a goal to one day work in the fashion industry.  Although I did achieve my goal, two years ago I found myself searching for more when I stumbled upon a touching article published on Business of Fashion.

 The article told an amazing story of a Lebanese woman who was designing handbags to provide underprivileged women with work and donating her sales proceeds to assist them and their families. The minute I finished reading the article I said a prayer and asked God to give me an opportunity to one day use my fashion skills toward a similar cause.

Fast forward two years later and I had the awesome opportunity to meet Ryan and Tasha. When I heard the project they were working on I was instantly hooked and asked if I could help. I am so privileged to have met both of these amazing individuals and accompany them on this journey. There's nothing more fulfilling than using your skills toward something that helps others.

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