Tasha Kendall

I’m Natasha Hernandez Kendall (but you can call me Tasha :D), half Russian, half Cuban, and 100% in love with my hunky hubby and two little misters. Most days you can find me sipping a cup of coffee, hair in a ponytail, trying not to step on a lego (pain…..lots of pain….), and looking for design inspiration literally everywhere I roam.

I grew up with sports as a huge part of my identity, from basketball, to football, to gymnastics, to coaching. Though I no longer spend half my day in a gym, I didn’t want to give up the comfort of my workout clothing.   A year of dreaming and designing later, I crafted leggings with material to hit any workout you throw at them, and patterns that make them easy to dress up! (Capsule wardrobe, anyone?) Now I can wear leggings and avoid looking like I’m “not trying”, and look chic at a work function while feeling like I’m relaxing on a Sunday. Boom.

When I’m not busy working on legging designs, you can catch me soaking in every sunset I can, snuggling our rescue cat, Patches, or pummeling my children in a pillow fight (I’m really good).

5 things you may not know about me:

  1. Pastries are my life (I blame my Russian side)
  2. I lived in Gaborone, Botswana for a year with two friends from college and helped start a preschool that now runs kindergarten through 8th
  3. Two years ago, my family moved to Maui for my husband’s work
  4. I once wore a cast on my nose (tragic baseball accident)
  5. In high school, I was co-captain of a performance acrobatics team

 I’d love to connect! Email me at tasha@howwesoul.com, or share with me how you soul by tagging #howwesoul

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